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Infotalk and discussion: Live now for free! But only if you squat

Join us on Thursday, April 9, 7-9pm for a discussion of squatting as a technique, as a politics and as a lifestyle, and a brief history of the squatting movement in the UK, with squatter-historian, Rowan Tallis Milligan.

We are in occupation! Squatters have occupied the Aylesbury Estate in London in a protest against gentrification and in support of genuinely affordable housing (read more about this here). For many people squatting is the perfect solution to the housing crisis- offering autonomy, freedom from rent and a chance at a self-determined way of living.  Squatting can also be considered a domain for resistance to capitalism and social hegemony.

We wondered where our wages went,
We wasted most by paying rent,
Since, we’ve learned to change our lot,
So now we’re living in a squat.


  1. ju du

    very impressive. and thanks for valuable organizing.

    question: presumably i can tell subscribers that this is a regular, in-person talk at
    131 8th St. #4, yes? that “infotalk” coinage spooks me slightly…esp. what with an overseas action & out of town speaker mentioned, no location specified, and the interwebs positively lousy with vidchatinars. or some dang thing. can’t hurt to ask first & make a fool of myself later, at my convenience.

    trust no one!

    c: 718 355 8804
    917 620 7781 txt

    • jen hoyer

      Thanks for your comments — yes, this will be a regular, in-person talk at Interference Archive — hope to see you there!


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