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131 8th Street No. 4
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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PLEASE NOTE: Our open hours are altered starting September 4, 2017 in order to allow us to move to our new location. We will be closed through October 4, 2017. We look forward to welcoming you into our new home after that!

We are open from:

1 — 9pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12 — 5pm

No appointment is necessary for a visit during open hours.  Visitors are welcome to explore the collection on their own, or with the assistance of volunteer staff.

We are no longer able to accommodate individual appointments outside of our open hours. If you are a group of five or more we request advance notice. We are available to give introductions and tours for which we appreciate donations.

Space Accessibility

Interference Archive volunteers would be happy to answer any questions about the accessibility of our spaces. Please don’t hesitate to email info@interferencearchive.org with “IA Accessibility” in the subject line to talk over any accessibility topics or to make arrangements for a visit or event.

While the archive, gallery, and bathrooms can be accessed through entrances without stairs, the building buzzer is located up a short flight of steps–therefore prior arrangements may need to be made for access to the side door. Additionally, the archive itself has narrow aisles (31″, 34″, and 38″ distance between stacks), and volunteers staffing the archive can assist with accessing materials from the collection, retrieving boxes, etc. as needed.

We ask that visitors refrain from using perfumes or other heavily scented items in order to minimize risks to people with chemical sensitivities. That said, the archive, gallery, and the building in which we are located are not scent-free, and chemicals are used to clean the building. There are always a dehumidifier and air conditioner running in the archive.

Bring Your Class!
For class visits, please let us know in advance so we can plan together.  Send an email to classes@interferencearchive.org

We also regularly host exhibition openings, evening discussions and other events. See what’s coming up.


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We are located at:
131 8th Street — #4
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(2 blocks from F/G/R trains at 4th Ave./9th St.)