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Archive: Jun 2013

Interference in Palestine pt.5

Being here in Palestine visiting libraries is a bit like being in a candy shop, with an entirely new and different range of books and design styles. The book above is in the Al-Bireh Municipal Public Library in the West Bank. It’s a copy of What Self Government and to Where? by Dr. Muhammad Nayrab. | More »

Interference in Palestine pt.4

Ramallah is the geographical seat of the Palestinian Authority, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there is far from a consensus amongst Palestinians regarding them. The PA has gone two years over their mandate without an election, yet have been pushing ahead with state-building activities without any clear direction or input from the vast | More »

Interference in Palestine pt.3

The walls have so much texture here. This image is from Ramallah, and a good example of walls that have been painted over, and over, and over again for years. Meanwhile, many places are pristine. I’m not sure what to make of it yet, but being surrounded by so many rich palimpsists makes for a | More »

Interference in Palestine pt.2

Today we spent the day in Nablus, with half of the time in the Balata Refugee Camp. The camp was set up by the UN in 1948 after the Israeli’s violently expelled the Palestinians. The original camp was set up in 1952 with about 5,000 exiles from the town of Yafa in an area of | More »

Discussion & Film “Wildcat at Mead”

On May 16th, Interference Archive hosted a screening and discussion of the film Wildcat at Mead. Chronicling a successful 1972 wildcat strike at Mead Packaging, an Atlanta, GA cardboard plant, Wildcat at Mead highlights the struggles of the predominantly Black  workers on strike, who had been battling racism within their labor union as well as with | More »

artinfo.com, June 24, 2013

Blithe Riley and Josh MacPhee speak with Ben Davis from artinfo.com about Interference Archive.

Interference in Palestine pt.1

Molly and I (Josh) are in Palestine for two weeks as part of a librarians and archivists solidarity trip. Today was our first day, and we visited a half dozen libraries desperately trying to preserve irreplaceable manuscripts like the one above. This is hand-scripted, illuminated, Ottoman Empire-era Koran held and maintained in the Khalidi Library | More »

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Labor Struggle in the Post Office

Film Screening & Discussion
Thursday June 20, 2013

By Tami Gold, Dan Gordon, Erik Lewis

On July 21, 1978 thousands of postal workers across the country walked off their jobs in a wildcat strike when their contract expired, saying “No” to mandatory overtime, forced speedups and hazardous working conditions.

Video Workshop: Internet killed the video gods!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This screening, performance and skill share reveals secrets to creating open source videos and music designed to radically transform pop culture into subversive DIY video art.