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Archive: Apr 2016

Audio Interference 13: Mobile Print Power

“Before we ask questions, we find out more about the problems that are happening. And sometimes we even go out and ask the people around us: what is something that you don’t feel comfortable with? Where do you feel disconnected?…I think that’s the way that we actually find political issues to do art with.” – Stephanie Roman

Interference has desk space for rent!

Come work with us! Interference Archive has co-working space available May 1st. Desks are in a naturally lit room with windows facing out at street level and adjacent to the Interference Archive exhibition space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Your individual desk is in a shared work area (of four desks) with an attached kitchenette, rent is | More »

Audio Interference 12: Elvis B. & Jan Descartes

“I just remember when I was first making comics, it just felt really powerful. It’s kind of like that feeling when you first start riding a bike.” – Jan Descartes