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Archive: Jul 2018

Film Screening: Far From Poland

Tuesday, September 11, 7pm

In 1980, American filmmaker Jill Godmilow was coincidentally in Poland when a shipyard strike led to a social movement around the first independent labor union in a Soviet-bloc country. But when Godmilow tried to return to Poland to film, her visa entry was denied. In Far From Poland, she sets out to literally reinvent the documentary form by scrutinizing her original intention to make agitprop. The resulting film depicts the workers movement against the “workers state” and points to futures outside the absurd duality of the Cold War.

Screening of What Farocki Taught and Conversation with Filmmaker Jill Godmilow

Saturday, September 8, 7pm

Interference is thrilled to bring in acclaimed filmmaker Jill Godmilow for a screening of her 1998 short What Farocki Taught, followed by an open discussion about agitprop film and its evolution throughout her career. This will be a treat for anyone who creates or consumes political media. Her feature film Far from Poland will also be screened at Interference Archive on Tuesday Sept 11.

The Archive is Closed on September 9

We’ll be closed on September 9th for our quarterly volunteer retreat. Feel free to visit us during our open hours another day. Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Send us an email!

Social Justice Book Club: Teaching to Transgress

Thursday, August 23rd, 7 – 9 pm

At our August book club meeting we will be discussing Teaching to Transgress by bell hooks. In this book, the author shares her philosophy of the classroom, offering ideas about teaching that fundamentally rethink democratic participation. She writes about a new kind of education, education as the practice of freedom. Come join us!

Poster Launch Party and Film Screening: Stand With Global Indigenous Resistance #CODEDIvive!

Friday, August 31, 6-8pm

The organization and struggle of the indigenous pueblos has been an example and inspiration for all of us, a resource to better understand how we can defend life and struggle with dignity walking the path of autonomy. Join us for this event in solidarity with CODEDI and the dozens of Oaxacan pueblos that organize, resist and fight together to build autonomy and defend their land.

Propaganda Party with Hate-Free Zone Queens

Saturday, July 28, 1-5pm

Interference Archive and Hate-Free Zone Queens (HFZ) are excited to collaborate on an upcoming propaganda party in support of HFZ. Join us on July 28th at Interference Archive to make posters, t-shirts, buttons, and more.  HFZ proactively builds a strong community defense system that centers those most impacted by current discriminatory policies and actions.

Power Lines Film Screening & Discussion with Director Klee Benally

Friday July 27, 7:30pm- 9:30pm

Halee (Nezbahe Ragdoll) is a 16 year old Diné (Navajo) relocation refugee who uses fierce poetry to escape from her painful past and present. When Halee’s abusive father (Tony Skrelunas) crosses a line, her best friend Selma (Kayla Dailey) helps her runaway. Their journey to Halee’s homeland takes a turn when she discovers her father has been hiding a secret that has the power to change Halee’s life forever. 

Film Screening: Little Voices from Fukushima

Sunday, August 19, 6:30PM-9:30PM

Join us for a joint screening of Little Voices from Fukushima by Sloths Against Nuclear State and the Radiation Monitoring Project. The screening will be followed by a discussion and a short presentation about a radiation monitoring efforts in the United States.  

Screening the Red Army Faction: a discussion with Christina Gerhardt

Friday, August 10, 8pm

Screening the Red Army Faction explores representations of the Red Army Faction (RAF) in print media, film and art. The book contributes both a new history and a new cultural history of post-fascist era West Germany that grapples with the fledgling republic’s most pivotal debates about the nature of democracy and authority; about violence, its motivations and regulation; and about its cultural afterlife. At the heart of this project rest questions about what role media playing in social movements. Author Christina Gerhardt will lead a discussion about corporate representations of social movements as well as the self-presentation of movements, with a focus on West Berlin, in the late sixties.

NO RNC Oral History Listening Party

Tuesday, August 7, 7pm

Before there was “The Resistance” there was mass resistance to the Republican policy-agenda during the George W. Bush administration. During this previous wave of anti-Republican Party resistance, activists aligned with the Global Justice Movement regularly mobilized mass street demonstrations at party conventions and economic summits. The NO RNC 2004 Oral History Project documents the organizing efforts that led to a month’s worth of events and demonstrations in New York City during August and September 2004. Join us for a listening party to hear audio from the project’s first 15 interviews and an exploration of visual materials from the demonstrations.