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Archive: Apr 2020
Audio Interference 75: Kent State and Jackson State

Audio Interference 75: Kent State and Jackson State

“Polls showed that the majority of Americans thought that the National Guard did the right thing at Kent State.”

Virtual Exhibition Tour: Like the Waters We Rise

Were you hoping to visit our exhibit, Climate Justice in Print, in spring 2020? We’re excited to share this video of a virtual tour, curator’s talk and discussion hosted by our friends at Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY through their Peer Learning Exchange program. Thank you to Raquel de Anda, Caron Atlas, Emily Ahn Levy, | More »

Audio Interference 74: We the People Won’t Go

“We plant gardens in vacant lots…we turn abandoned buildings into homes, we turn street corners into liberated zones…For a moment, for an hour, for a year, for a decade..A space opens up and we are in control, We the people seize control of public space, seize control of housing, seize control of those things that make up our lives”

Virtual Class Visits: the next frontier

We love having classes visit Interference Archive. It provides us with an easy way to meet our mission of engaging the public with the cultural production of social movements, and we are so grateful for every opportunity to introduce students to a different kind of archive: one where use is a form of preservation; one where multiple forms of knowledge, skill, and experience are valued and shared within non-hierarchical structures; one where everyone is welcomed as an archivist.

We’ve watched as education institutions transition to online instruction, and we’re eager as a community archive to support that continued learning. Please let us know if we can provide a virtual class visit for you and your students.