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Would I Swim Here? A Speculative ReCreation Assessment

Join us for a workshop to create a swimability assessment incorporating speculative relational “signs” that emerge from an encounter at Valentino Beach and the knowledge and experiences we carry with us.  We will begin with a facilitated dryland movement practice to attune and listen to our own cellular body water histories in relation to the […]


Our City! Our Streets! Self Determination and Public Space in NYC

Our Streets! Our City! explores various struggles over public space in New York City since the 1960s, and engages with past and contemporary strategies used by activists to reclaim or reimagine urban infrastructures. This publication and the accompanying exhibit installed at Interference Archive in 2022 are a tribute to those who have resisted top-down city-planning processes; its purpose is to honor collective fights against displacement, privatization, and municipal overreach in NYC.


Planetary Drift Film Screening: “ME, MYSELF, AND MY MOTHER”

Hosted at Interference Archive as part of Planetary Drift Film Screening Week About this event FILM SCREENING | ME, MYSELF, AND MY MOTHER This session of the Planetary Drift program will present the video works “Ibrahim: A Fate to Define” by Lina Al Abed, “me, myself and my other” by Yamil Orlando, and “Solo Yo” […]


Online event: Archives as Storytelling

VIRTUAL EVENT Author Richard Conyngham explored South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal’s basement archive, and through that research, was able to construct narratives of six cases of stories of resistance and rebellion from the period loosely known as the “Union years”—between South Africa’s unification in 1910 and the beginning of apartheid in 1948. These are […]

Events / Silencio, Fuego, Palabra, Vida

Zapantera Negra: Artists Caleb Duarte Piñon and Mia Eve Rollow on artistic exchanges between Black Panther Party and Zapatista Communities

Join us for a virtual conversation with artists Caleb Duarte Piñon and Mia Eve Rollow about Zapantera Negra, a series of artistic exchanges between Emory Douglas of the Black Panther Party and autonomous Indigenous and Zapatista communities. Sharing artworks made collaboratively by members of both movements, and engaging in discussion with volunteers at Interference Archive, Caleb and Mia will reflect on artmaking as a form of resistance and solidarity, the deeply transformative quality of images, and why we archive and learn from these visual materials of movements for self-determination.