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Audio Interference 71: Protect Oak Flat

In this episode of Audio Interference, we speak with Vanessa Nosie, activist, and Carrie Curley, activist and artist, about the Apache Stronghold and their spiritual movement to protect Oak Flat from the foreign mining company Resolution Copper. 

A huge thank you to Carrie Curley, Vanessa Nosie, Naelyn Pike, Wendsler Nosie, and the Apache Stronghold for their important and determined fight to protect their land, and for the important message this has for indigneous communities around the world, and for all communities, regarding the way we should respect and relate to our land, environment, and to each other. Thank you Amy Harwood for your support and audio from the walk that is part of this episode. Thank you Cruz for your production help. 

We encourage you to call your Senators and Representatives to be sure they support the protection of sacred sites. Ask them to sign on as sponsors of the Save Oak Flat Act, which would repeal the land exchange bill. 

Save Oak Flat Act: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/665

To learn more about the Apache Stronghold, visit their website and social media platforms:

Website: www.apache-stronghold.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Apache-Stronghold-802193869856079/
Instagram: @protectoakflat

For additional articles and resources about Oak Flat, we recommend: 

To learn more about the mural by Carrie Curley on the water tower in Oak Flat: https://www.globemiamitimes.com/san-carlos-mural/

Music and Audio in this Episode (in order): 

Into the Sea by Macroform (intro music)
In a Pinch by Macroform (transition music)
Tina Anderson walking during the 5th Walk to Oak Flat, recorded by Amy Harwood
Drumming and walking during the 5th Walk to Oak Flat, recorded by Amy Harwood
Speech by Naelyn Pike during the 5th Walk to Oak Flat, recorded by Amy Harwood
Into the Sea by Macroform (outro music)

Produced by Interference Archive.