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  1. Arts & Activism Listening Party: Strength in Numbers

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    Thursday, June 6, 6-8pm

    Join participants from the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls 2019 Arts & Activism program for a listening party to celebrate the work they’ve produced this year — individual podcasts based upon this years theme “Strength in Numbers” with original interviews, media and music!

    This year, the teen fellows, Anayi and Coral, have podcasts discussing sexual harassment, and the work and activism of James Baldwin.

    Coral Dawley
    My name is Coral Dawley, I box, I dance and am learning to play bass. I’m very passionate about activism and always have been, but am always trying to inform myself and get myself more immersed in the activism community. My podcast is about sexual assault and harassment especially in communities of young people like myself. I feel this topic is often looked over and seen as not important. However, this is very important. Sexual assault and harassment affects people, maybe even in ways they don’t notice and I wanted to inform people about that, learn more about it myself, and create a space where these topics aren’t looked over and no one will be shamed for their story.

    Anayi Charles
    Anayi Charles-Pierre is a sophomore in high school with a passion for music and art. She loves learning new things and spend her free time reading. A 16 year old girl from Bed-Stuy who surrounds herself with a diverse community of people, she becomes open about many social/political injustices towards people of color and has begun to take minor steps towards getting more involved in the activist community. This year, she created a podcast that talks about James Baldwin and representations as an African American living in a complicated beautiful world. She realizes the impact that James Baldwin put in this world with his powerful words.

  2. Counter Narrative

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    Join us for a showcase of the podcasts from the Willie Mae Rock Camp 2017 Arts & Activism fellows!

    Willie Mae Rock Camp’s Arts & Activism program is a free after-school and summer program that provides an exciting opportunity for teens to learn about the powerful combination of music and social justice, explore practical journalism, and develop new media & technology skills. For the final exhibition, fellows will share podcasts they created in order to examine the concept of the counter-narrative, and highlight the stories that they feel need more visibility/audibility. Podcasts also contain the fellows’ original music and are accompanied by their original visual art.

    Biana Martinez is a rising senior with a passion for music, writing, and (more recently) producing audio. She loves to spend time with friends and family, and in her free time enjoys playing guitar, singing, or writing stories. She plans on pursuing a career in psychology in college. As a Dominican girl from Brooklyn who surrounds herself with a diverse group of friends, she’s become aware of many social/political injustices towards people of color and has begun to take certain steps towards getting more involved in the activist community. This year, she created a podcast that talks about transgender folk in the Latinx community, in hopes of sparking more conversation on the topic and how this issue can be addressed.

    Madeline Snow is a rising high school senior. She enjoys writing and eating her vegetables. She spends most of her time playing music whether it’s guitar in her free time or recently picking up drums in her band. This inspired her to create a podcast focusing on the experiences of female drummers and their perspectives on how music spaces can be more supportive of diversity.

  3. Working The Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centers

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    Monday, February 13th, 7pm

    Co-sponsored by the Marxist Education Project

    Call centers have become synonymous with low-paid and high stress work, dictatorial supervisors and terrifyingly precarious job contracts. However, rarely do we have access to the experience of workers in this context. For Working the Phones, Jamie Woodcock spent time working undercover in a UK call center in order to provide insights into the daily experiences of call center workers, and to understand and analyze methods of control and resistance that exist within the highly regulated environment. Call center work has become emblematic of the shift towards a post-industrial service economy, and all the issues that this produces, such as the destruction of a unionized work force, isolation and alienation, loss of agency and, ominously, the proliferation of surveillance and control which affects mental and physical well-being of the workers. The talk includes three parts: first, it makes an argument for the use of workers’ inquiry as a method to study contemporary work conditions, in this case involving an undercover activist ethnography; second, it draws on heterodox and critical Marxist theory to understand the transformation of work; third, it focuses on the challenges of resistance and organization in contemporary work through a concrete example.

    Jamie Woodcock completed his PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is currently a fellow at LSE. His research interests include: digital labour, technology, management, critical theory, and the sociology of work. Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres is published by Pluto Press, further information: https://t.co/O4wr47ZGF3

    You can also check out this interview with Jaime by labor scholar Immanuel Ness in ROAR Magazine.



  4. Arts & Activism Showcase

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    Arts and Activism Flier

    Arts and Activism Flier

    Monday, August 22nd, 2016

    Please join us for the Willie Mae Rock Camp’s 2nd Annual Arts & Activism showcasing the 2016 fellows’ podcasts.  Refreshments will be provided and DJ Zena will spin some tunes!

    The 2016 Fellows are:

    Marie Damus, “Depression within African American Communities”
    Katia Katsnelson, “It isn’t Jazz, It isn’t Blues, it’s Klezmer”
    Evelyn Morales, “ Hanging out with Jynx”

    Designed as an after-school program for teen women (transgender and cisgender), and gender non-binary youth, Arts & Activism held its first class  in the spring of 2015. Focused on developing media skills, building community, and exploring the intersections of art and activism, participants  attend DJ instruction classes and by creating a podcast, engage in study of the role of music in social justice. Participants  are also invited to participate in a paid fellowship in which they work at Willie Mae summer programs, designing curriculum and acting as mentors to younger campers. For more information about Arts & Activism, please visit Willie Mae Rock Camp.


    Katia Katsnelson is a 17 year old Russian Jewish girl born and raised in Brooklyn. She identifies herself as a rock and roll enthusiast, and a horseback riding animal lover, who dibbles and dabbles in the theater world. She aspires to major in music journalism.

    Marie Damus is a rising senior who attends Benjamin Banneker Academy. She intends on studying Broadcast Journalism in college. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry and listening to music. In 2015, Marie created a podcast on music that emerged through the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and this year she wrote and produced a podcast focused on depression in the Black Community. Marie hopes her work will inspire others to get involved and be more aware of these topics.

    Evelyn Morales is a young lady waiting for her waiting for her chance of becoming a musician. She has her guitar by her side but had always wondered how the journey of becoming a rock star is like. In her podcast she interviews a local band (Jynx) and talks about how their journey has been.

  5. NYWC Creative Writing Workshop

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    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    Join NY Writers Coalition for a free creative writing workshop inspired by Interference Archive’s current exhibit Armed by Design/El Diseño a las Armas, an intimate look at the graphic design production of Organization in Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (OSPAAAL), based in Havana, Cuba from the 1960s to the present.

    This workshop is free and open to the public. Artists of all backgrounds, experience levels, and genres are welcome!  We strongly encourage you to register for this workshop.

    • This is an open-genre, bilingual NYWC workshop (English/Spanish).

    NY Writers Coalition Inc. (NYWC) empowers and enriches the lives of New Yorkers of all backgrounds and experiences through the art of creative writing.  Learn more about NYWC’s workshop method here.




  6. YOUTH SPEAKS: podcasts of Willie Mae Rock Camp

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    Girls and non-binaries of the Willie Mae arts & activism fellowship program present:

    YOUTH SPEAKS: podcasts of Willie Mae Rock Camp

    Friday, August 14 at 7:30 p.m. 

    Join us for a showcase of the podcasts the Willie Mae Rock Camp arts & activism fellows have been developing this summer. It’s an evening of music, social movements, self-expression, and community.


    >>Music of the Black Lives Matter movement from MARIE
    >>Dispatches from roller derby training camp with LILLIAN
    >>Intergenerational conversations with women of color about music and activism from MERCY
    >>Musical journeys of Jill Scott and Ella Moore with ELLA

    and musical selections from if a song could be freedom…

    Drinks and snacks with be served.

    image by: Mercy Carpenter