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Poetry and women’s theater at Free University of New York and Alternate U

Sunday, October 21, 3pm

An afternoon with Susan Sherman, Sue Perlgut and Miriam Frank, featuring the poetry and theater of women in FUNY and Alternate U.

May 1968 – May 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Join us for a day-long gathering looking at the impact of the global uprisings of 1968 on our lives and communities in 2018.

From Below: Poetry and Social Justice

Thursday, April 26, 7-9pm
How do we make the world we want to live in? How does art help us re-imagine social and political reality? We want to answer these question by exploring the places where poetry and political activism intersect — and, maybe just as crucially, interrogating places where they don’t. From Below is a poetry and discussion series that aims to get this conversation started. Join us for our inaugural event featuring poet and disability rights activist Cyrée Jarnelle Johnson and interdisciplinary creator Lynn DeSilva Johnson

Soapboxes, Amplifiers, and Making Headlines

Friday, April 14, 7pm

Join us for this evening of reflection on our current exhibition, Finally Got The News: The Printed Legacy of the U.S. Radical Left, 1970-1979. An ensemble of performers echo the impulses of the 1970’s Radical Left Movement. Theatre and music will collage the diverse social movements defining a vibrant decade.

*ACTIVE ARCHIVE Volume #1: Afro-Asian Solidarity & Kinship

Sunday April 3rd, 1pm

Join socially-engaged theatre artists Claro de los Reyes and Shamila McBean in this creative dialogue around the living legacy of Afro-Asian Solidarity & Kinship. This event invites the broader NYC community into arts-based conversations around historic events and present day solidarity between communities of the Asian Diaspora and African Diaspora. *ACTIVE ARCHIVE is a series of intimate creative dialogues that uses visual arts, performance, and facilitated dialogue intended to celebrate, share, and investigate the largely overlooked legacies in social justice history.

Paper Cuts Zine & Comic Reading

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Paper Cuts, the zine, DIY, and small press reading program on Clocktower Radio, is taking the show on the road with a series of events at bookstores and alternative spaces in the New York City area. Each event will feature writers, zinesters, artists, and performers who typically share their work in print, on paper, and in small editions. Think of it as a traveling micro-art book and zine fair! Come to hear great readers and talk about new work!

Neal Vandenbergh presents: Fuck Individualisierungsschub

Saturday, December 12, 7pm

The Art Handlers Alliance of New York is proud to present this performance by Chicago artist Neal Vandenbergh as part of the exhibition Just Cause : Bad Faith — Artworkers’ Activism and Organizing in NYC and Beyond.

Another Protest Song: Karaoke with a Message

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Doors open 7pm

Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn (NOT AT INTERFERENCE ARCHIVE!)
$5 – $10 (sliding scale)

As part of the Interference Archive’s if a song could be freedom… exhibition, Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere will host an evening of protest karaoke with their project Another Protest Song: Karaoke with a Message at Silent Barn.

Bring your friends and belt out your favorite protest tunes!

Movement and Meter: A Poetry Reading to Celebrate Serve the People

Sunday March 23, 2014

Reading at 5pm, reception at 6pm

Join us for a poetry covers reading on the final night of Serve the People: The Asian American Movement in New York. Poets will pay tribute to their movement peers by reading selected covers of works from that period, paired with contemporary projects.  Reception to follow reading.

Speech, Chant, Manifesto: The Words of the Asian American Movement

Tuesday March 4, 2014


An ensemble of actors and organizers will stage a theatrical reading of writings and interviews of the 1970s Asian American Movement, including luminaries like Richard Aoki and Chris Iijima.