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Documents from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp

December 5, 2014 – March 1, 2015
Opening: December 5, 2014

Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was a 19-year anti-nuclear protest and encampment at the U.S. Military Base at Greenham Common, Berkshire County, England. This exhibition and event series, organized as a mother/daughter collaboration between Susan Jahoda and Emma Jahoda-Brown, assembles accounts of the comings and goings and daily lives of a diverse group of women at Greenham primarily over a nine year period. Photographs, film, artifacts and sound are brought together to reveal a complex view of a largely invisible history.

This project honors the visual work of Susan Kleckner and the extraordinary women of Greenham Common who transformed a space — otherwise claimed for militarism and colonialism – into a place of protest, agency, and exploration of feminist politics. Women traveled to Greenham Common from all over the world and supported the movement from their own geographic regions, marking it as the largest women’s campaign since the early twentieth century struggle for suffrage.

Organized by Susan Jahoda and Emma Jahoda-Brown, with contributions by Rachel Mattson and Blithe Riley.


  1. Peter Hargrove

    Will you be screening Beeban Kidron & Amanda Richardson’s Carry Greenham Home [Documentary] (1983) 69m as part of the exhibition? You should reach out to the National Film & Television School [ info@nfts.co.uk] or Contemporary Films [inquiries@contemporaryfilms.com] in the UK (they have distribution rights there). Outside of a handful of libraries who have a print in their non-circulating collection, the original US rights holder (Women Make Movies) no longer has the rights.

  2. Ariel Dougherty

    My very same thought, Peter. And I regret to learn that Women Make Movies no longer has the film available in US distribution. (Far too much 1970s and 1980s feminist film & video is no longer readily available!!) What about some of Susan Kleckner’s own film/video works??

  3. Susan Jahoda

    Ariel, the W.E.B. DuBois Archive in Amherst MA digitized Susan’s unfinished Greenham Tapes, parts of which are included in Emma Jahoda’s video in the exhibition. It is also possible to organize another evening event to screen the whole film. Also, Smith College has a VHS version of Carry Greenham Home.

  4. Carol Jacobsen


    I’m so happy to hear about this exhibition. I wish I could get there to see it. I wrote an article on Greenham for Heresies, and helped organize the Window Peace Project in New York – an homage to Greenham – with Susan Kleckner, Paula Allen, Ann Snitow (wrote on Greenham for Mother Jones), Tequila Minsky… Greenham was an electrifying experience for me, as it was for so many of us.

    Thanks so much for organizing this and warmest wishes –