Climate Justice Propaganda Party

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Amplifier Foundation, Climate Prints, People’s Collective Arts, and Interference Archive host the next installment of our ongoing propaganda parties. What is a propaganda party? It’s where we invite dozens of organizations, activists, designers, and artists producing materials around a political issue together to hang out, meet each other, and distribute their flyers, stickers, posters, buttons, and more. All propaganda is FREE, and we encourage all to come by, grab a drink, and load up on as many posters and stickers you can carry!
Are you an artist or activist organizing or making art around issues of climate justice, water rights, pipeline struggles, fracking, etc? Please bring your work (in multiples) to distribute and get out into the city. Also come meet like-minded people with similar intersecting commitments to art and politics.
We will have new posters printed just for this event, including the below designs by (left to right) Peter Pa, Sadie Red Wing, and Christi Belcourt:
There will also be live screenprinting by Bushwick Print Lab! So bring a T-shirt or bandana to print Dylan Miner‘s No Pipelines graphic on (as well as other art we’re still pulling together!):
(Sunflower image by Jesse Purcell)