Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party a Success!

January 18, 2017

Thanks to everyone that came out to this past weekends Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party.
The exhibition space and our collection room was packed with people the whole weekend. Visitors stayed to volunteer and help with the live screen printing, others to document, and everyone to discuss the enduring struggles we’re involved in. The event was so popular that journalists from the New Yorker, CNN and Democracy Now attended. See the mention in DN!’s headlines today!

The 1000 posters we printed specifically for the Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party were gone in 7 hours. In the two days total, we estimate that 3000 posters and 5000 stickers were distributed. At least 600 shirts and patches were screen printed and 500 buttons were made by participants. All of the designs were donated as, per usual, was the labor of all the Interference Archive staff.

We want to specifically thank: Kyle Goen & Pete Railand, for the use of their designs for posters, Wyatt Hesemeyer, Koak, Janina Larenas, Dave Lowenstein, Kyle McKinley, Ariana Mygatt, Amanda Preiebe, Nicole Rodrigues, Luke Thomas, and P.O.P. – Print Organize Protest, for sticker, screen print, and button designs.  As well as everyone else that submitted graphics to the downloadable archive at
We also want to thank everyone who came out, brought additional materials, and showed support.