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New Volunteer Orientation

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Interested in getting involved at Interference Archive? Please join us for a volunteer orientation! We will tour the space, give an overview of current projects, and will discuss ways new volunteers can get involved. We will also take some time to check out our new exhibition, no. NOT EVER.

As an all volunteer-run project, IA volunteers: staff the space, organize materials, curate exhibitions, work on research projects, take out the trash, host classes, run events, sweep the floors, answer emails, update the website, empty the dehumidifier, talk politics, return bottles, catalog, tell jokes, and much more!



  1. Meghana


    I attended the event yesterday at interference archive, the talk by Silvia Federici, and was interested in knowing more about this space. I would also like to consider the possibility of volunteering, but I am not sure when exactly that may possible as I am still trying to find a second job which may determine my routine in the future. I was still considering attending this volunteer orientation, even if it may not translate into immediate volunteer work. Do you think I should still attend it, or shall I defer it to a time when I may be more sure of how many hours and when I could volunteer? Thanks.

    • Josh MacPhee

      Hi Meghana, we are glad you are interested in Interference! Feel free to come to the orientation, and hopefully you can find time in your schedule to help out!