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Online class visits for the 2020-21 school year: join us (virtually) in the archive!

We love having classes visit Interference Archive. It provides us with an easy way to meet our mission of engaging the public with the cultural production of social movements, and we are so grateful for every opportunity to introduce students to a different kind of archive: one where use is a form of preservation; one where multiple forms of knowledge, skill, and experience are valued and shared within non-hierarchical structures; one where everyone is welcomed as an archivist.

After New York City closed down in March 2020, we were excited to still offer virtual Interference Archive class visits for several groups, and we are looking forward to continuing this work in the coming months. Please reach out to us if you’d like to schedule something!

For synchronous instruction, we’ll coordinate one or two volunteers to join your regularly scheduled class session. We are happy to meet with you on whatever digital platform you usually use. We can talk about Interference Archive and our own personal experiences as volunteers; offer a virtual tour of our spring 2020 exhibition on the Visual History of the Climate Justice movement; and/or provide a walk-through of our online summer 2020 exhibition Walkout: A Brief History of Student Organizing. We can also show images and video clips of the archive and its holdings, and lead a discussion of archival material related to topics intersecting with your curriculum. 

For asynchronous instruction, we’re able to share a recorded presentation about our work, a virtual tour of our Visual History of the Climate Justice movement exhibition, or an activity to guide students through the online exhibition Walkout: A Brief History of Student Organizing. We can also share reading material about Interference Archive, and we’re happy to provide questions for students to respond to in some kind of written or creative format.

Would you like a virtual class visit with Interference Archive? Please take a moment to share some info with us via this online form: https://forms.gle/vfuMAxe3uQhgXRcb9.  We’ll follow up with you by email within a week.