Audio Interference 80: Soulscapes

In this episode, we speak to Zeelie Brown, a Black, queer artist and cellist based in New York City. She creates “soulscapes”: sites and soundscapes that invoke the temporality, sacredness of connection, and layers of history embedded within feelings of refuge. Zeelie’s sanctuary spaces draw on her personal and ancestral traditions of music, cuisine, scent, ritual, and community. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear music that Zeelie has produced as a part of her practice.

This episode stems out of a partnership with Brooklyn Public Library, where we explore how different organizations, groups, and people aim to create space for folks who are often disenfranchised and disempowered by normative systems at work in our world. Stick around at the end of the episode to hear from Tim Berrigan, a literacy advisor in the adult learning center at the Brooklyn Public Library.

You can listen to the Brooklyn Public Library’s episode here:

You can explore and purchase Zeelie’s artwork here:

Her song in this episode is called “Alabama Dawn.”