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There are currently over 100 people regularly donating to the IA! Below is a list of some of our current and past sustaining donors. If you are a contributor, and don’t see your name on this list, email us and we’ll add it!

If you would like to become a sustainer of the archive, please sign up here.

Alycia, Brooklyn NY
Amanda, Queens NY
Arlen Austin, Brooklyn NY
Jesus Barraza, Oakland CA
Erica & Tom Barry
Louise Barry, Queens NY
Zoe Beloff, New York NY
Dan Berger, Seattle WA
Poppy Brandes, Brooklyn NY
Christian Brandt, Chicago IL
Bunky, Brooklyn NY
Kelly Burdick, Brooklyn, NY
Bushwick Print Labs, Queens NY
George Caffentzis, Brooklyn NY
Lindsay Caplan & Jonah Westerman, Brooklyn NY
Kevin Caplicki, Brooklyn NY
Cale, Brooklyn NY
Melanie Cervates, Oakland CA
Sarah Chinn and Kris Franklin, Brooklyn NY
Brett Colley, Grand Rapids MI
Tom Colley, Chicago IL
Common Notions, Brooklyn NY
Andrew Cornell, Corvallis OR
David Court, Brooklyn NY
Courtney, Portland OR
Hadassah Damien, Brooklyn NY
Susie Day, New York NY
Eric Dirnbach, New York NY
Emily Drabinski, Brooklyn, NY
John Emerson, Brooklyn NY
Steven Englander, New York NY
Andrew Fair & Ellen Weisbord, South Orange NJ
Silvia Federici, Brooklyn NY
Lisa and Charlie Feitel, New York, NY
Ryan Fletcher/Movement Media, Washington DC
Cora Foxx, Brooklyn NY
Diana Balot Frank, Allentown, PA
Jenna Freedman, New York NY
Karen Gisonny and Len Polletta, New York NY
Michael Goldenberg, Brooklyn NY
Barbara Gordon, Mineola, NY
Lena Greenberg, Brooklyn NY
Lynn Yellen and Stanley Greenberg, Brooklyn NY
Ryan Griffis & Sarah Ross, Chicago/Urbana IL
Dee Dee Halleck, Willow NY
Michele Hardesty, Brooklyn NY
Freya Harding, UK
Timarie Harrigan, Brooklyn, NY
Walter Hergt, Millerton NY
Amber Hickey, Brooklyn, NY
Kathy High. Averill Park, NY
Laura Hoffmann, New York, NY
Sam Holler, New York, NY
Jen Hoyer, Brooklyn NY
Craig Hughes, New York, NY
Amanda Huron, Washington DC
Tom Iglehart, Jamaica Plain MA
Kemi Ilesanmi & Steve Kest, Brooklyn NY
Jeff Jacobs, New York, NY
Monica Johnson, Brooklyn NY
Rachel V L Jones, Brooklyn NY
Jenifer Kaminsky, Buffalo NY
Ramsey Kanaan, Oakland CA
Colin Kinniburgh, NY
Carin Kuoni, New York NY
Grace Lile, Brooklyn NY
Sarah Lidgus, New York NY
Jessa Lingel, Boston MA
Daniel Littlewood, Brooklyn NY
Katherine Lorimer, Brooklyn NY
Lisa Lynch
John & Judy MacPhee, Holliston MA
Josh MacPhee, Brooklyn NY
Abina Manning, Chicago IL
Jerrod MacFarlane, New York, NY
Diana Mellon, Brooklyn NY
Ryan Muller, Brooklyn NY
Melissa, Brooklyn NY
Milk Not Jails, Brooklyn NY
EE Miller and Xylor Jane
Lize Mogel, New York NY
Robert Newman, New York, NY
Emily Ng & Kevin O’Sullivan, Brooklyn NY
Jane Norling, Berkeley CA
Susan Noyes Platt, Seattle, WA
Annmarie Nye & Gabe Berlin, Newburgh, NY
Julia Tanenbaum, Bryn Mawr PA
Astra Taylor, Jeff Mangum, and Neutral Milk Hotel, NY
Vero O, Brooklyn NY
OWS Peoples Library, New York NY
Mary Patten, Chicago IL
Julie Perini, Portland OR
Prelinger Library & Archives, San Francisco CA
Laurel Ptak, Brooklyn NY
Dave Rice, Brooklyn NY
Blithe Riley & Matt Ryan, Brooklyn NY
Amy Roberts, Brooklyn NY
Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles, Baltimore MD
Jonathan Rochkind, Baltimore MD
Favianna Rodriguez, Oakland CA
Joy Sabl, Pittsburgh PA
Julia Samuels, Brooklyn NY
Jon Sands, Brooklyn NY
Abigail Satinsky, Chicago IL
Giulia Sbaffi, Brooklyn, NY
Deborah F. Schwartz, Brooklyn NY
Jamie and Angela Schwesnedl, Minneapolis MN
Jenn Scott, Pittsburgh, PA
Dan Selcer, Pittsburgh PA/Somerville MA
Annie Shaw, Los Angeles CA
Greg Sholette, New York NY
Shaun Slifer, Pittsburgh PA
Maura Smale, Brooklyn NY
Theresa Smith, Somerville MA
Rob Smith, Brooklyn NY
Sophie, Queens, NY
Dane Michael Spudic, Brooklyn, NY
Bert Stabler, Urbana IL
Brett Story, Toronto ON
Maya Taylor, Brooklyn NY
A’yen Tran, Brooklyn NY
Bruce Trigg, Albuquerque NM
Roxy Trudeau, Chicago IL
Daniel Tucker, Chicago IL
Richard Vallejo, Syracuse NY
Butcher Walsh, Brooklyn NY
Carol Wells & Ted Hajjar, Los Angeles CA
Adam Wilson, Brooklyn, NY
Martha Wilson, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Whitehorn, New York NY
Jai L Wong, Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Wong, Brooklyn NY
Haruko Yamauchi, Jersey City NJ
Frank Yee, New York NY
Traci Yoder, Brooklyn, NY

Many sustaining members began by giving money to support a cancer fund for Interference Archive co-founder Dara Greenwald, who passed away in January 2012. They continue their support in honor of her memory.

We are also grateful in 2017 to receive support for our work from the Anita L. Mishler Education Fund. Anita L. Mishler (“Nita”) was an educator and social scientist who died in 1983. The Anita L. Mishler Education Fund was established by her family shortly after her death to support projects that represent the commitment to education that advances social justice, racial and economic equality, and peace that characterized Nita’s life and work. Long interested in the issue of women’s equality, she taught one of the earlier classes in Women’s Studies at a Boston-area college. Nita was a radical dedicated to searching and working towards a socialist society and a more humane culture. She believed the world could be a better place and that we could change it. As the task of critical education is constantly evolving, the Fund is always on the lookout for projects which reflect its mission. There is no application process; recipients are nominated by members of the board based on their own continuing activity in current struggles. Please contact the Anita L. Mishler Education Fund at nitafund@gmail.com for more information.

We thank METABOLIC STUDIO for its generous contribution to Interference Archive’s operations.