2017 Sustainer Drive

March 11, 2017 by

It’s that time of year again here at Interference Archive: as we celebrate the power of people to organize themselves for change, we’re asking you to support our work in solidarity with grassroots movements everywhere.

Did you know that Interference Archive is completely volunteer powered, and that we cover most of our operational costs with donations from the community that believes in what we do?
The backbone of this community are sustainers who make a regular contribution to the archive, generally of $10 to $50 each month. Interference would not exist without these people–and because we rely on donations from sustainers for the majority of our income, we are accountable first and foremost to you, our community, instead of to outside funders.
Now more than ever, it is clear that our struggles need both physical spaces and a connection to our histories. Yet, while we are so thrilled to see more people at Interference Archive and more interest in the work we do, we also have to be real about a significant rent increase that we’re facing in the coming months.
If you are not yet a sustainer, now is the time to become one. If you are already helping to keep the archive open and accessible by making a regular donation, we are so grateful! And, we’d be grateful if you could reach out to anyone you know who might also be able to contribute. Our goal is to double the number of our monthly sustainers by the end of March. Support us so that we can support you!

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