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Interference Archive is an all-volunteer, collectively run space. Join us!

We operate through a number of working groups. For details about connecting with any of these groups, please email info[at]interferencearchive[dot]org

Administration Working Group
The Admin Working Group handles most of the responsibilities for the archive related to the physical space (cleaning, playing rent, utilities, repairs, etc.), staffing (ensuring that all shifts are covered), finances, general planning around exhibitions and events, and all long-term planning not covered by the other working groups. The Admin Working Group is also a group for other working groups to refer to about policy-related questions that come up in discussions of different projects related to the archive.

Audio Archive Working Group
This working group organizes an oral history / audio component of Interference Archive. The goal is to train a group of volunteers who will be able to record the stories of people that donate materials to the archive. When donations are received at the Archive, they often come from individuals or groups who have years of experience working as activists or organizers in the groups that produced these objects, or are even artists and designers of the items. We want to capture all of that knowledge, and be able to share these stories with visitors alongside the objects themselves. This group will also explore different ways to make this audio public and use it as a tool for outreach and dissemination.

Born Digital Working Group
The Born Digital Working Group handles social movement materials that were originally created in digital format, or material for which we don’t have physical copies. The work of the group is split between figuring out how Interference Archive should and/or can collect, preserve, and provide access to digital material, as well as thinking conceptually about trends towards born digital material production in social movements necessitates new workflows for capturing and sharing that material and knowledge. This group is also developing workflows for digitization of materials in the archive so that digital copies can be made available online.

Cataloging Working Group
Interference Archive has an online catalog that this Working Group has been building for over two years. The Cataloging Working Group organizes cataloging parties and sessions and troubleshoots problems with the cataloging software, with the overall goal of making our collection accessible through an online interface. In addition, this group spends a lot of time thinking through how the physical collection can and should be organized so that it can interact with the catalog.

Education Working Group
The Education Working Group has two primary functions. First, it works to build seasonal blocks of educational programming at the archive, including talks, films, and workshops which touch on and reflect the materials and concerns within Interference. In addition, the group organizes and facilitates class visits to the archive from other educational institutions.

Each exhibition at Interference Archive is planned by a working group that comes together roughly 6 to 9 months ahead of the exhibition start date, and works through the duration of the exhibition.  These groups range in size and are usually made up of one or two people who originated the idea of the exhibition, plus a number of others who have expressed interest in the topic and want to help out.

Fundraising Working Group
This is another new group that is trying to build the Interference Archive sustainer base as well as plan fundraising activities, from smaller events like the 2014 scavenger hunt, to a large-scale annual fundraiser.

Not really a working group, this loosely coordinated group currently involves 9-10 people who regularly staff the archive from Thursday-Sunday. We are always looking for more people who have time available to staff the space, which entails orienting people to the collection and/or current exhibition, working on cleaning, sorting, organizing, and cataloging, and general physical space upkeep.