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The archive contains many kinds of objects that are created as part of social movements by the participants themselves: posters, flyers, publications, zines, books, T-shirts and buttons, moving images, audio recordings, subject files, and other materials.

Through our programming, we use this cultural ephemera to animate histories of people mobilizing for social transformation. We consider the use of our collection to be a way of preserving and honoring histories and material culture that is often marginalized in mainstream institutions.

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Walkout: A Brief History of Student Organizing

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June 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

May 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the Kent State and Jackson State massacres, which set off a historically large-scale student strike across the nation. With the anniversary as an entry point and frame of reference, this exhibition uses archival material from the Interference Archive collection to examine the broader scope of student movements that both led up to and followed in the wake of May 1970.

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Audio Interference 86: Queer Soccer, “Being Together Everywhere”

Reb Ngu, one of our volunteers, interviews their teammate, Lua Ferreira, about their queer/trans pick-up soccer group, which Lua started in the summer of 2020. They talk about losing soccer as kids and recovering it as adults, the transforming effects of play, maintaining the group as a free and open space, and learning how to […]

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