Audio Interference 07: Tina Orlandini

February 4, 2016

Tina Orlandini is a writer, human rights advocate, and creative organizer whose work identifies crossroads in community, arts and social change. In 2012, Tina, along with fellow collaborators Stephan Andreas, Pedro Lugo, Lourdes Santiago, Isabel Ferro and Marimer Berberena, co-curated smArtAction: ¡A estudiar y a luchar!, a collaborative art exhibition in recognition of two of the most resourceful and inspiring student strikes of the last decade. Through an arts-led approach, University of Puerto Rico students were able to outwit the administration while rallying popular support around the struggle for an accessible, democratic and quality university. Both strikes provide an instructive repertoire of action for present and future student resistance movements worldwide.
To see a gallery of images from the exhibition, and to learn more about the UPR student movement,
Image: Isamar Abreu, “La UPR No Se Vende.”
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