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Audio Interference 65: Library Freedom Project

In the past few weeks, regular listeners to the podcast have heard an episode on community internet, and another celebrating libraries. This week, we’ll combine the best of both worlds.

Today, we’ll chat with Alison Macrina, Founder and Executive Director of the Library Freedom Project, an organization that’s making an impact in local communities, helping reduce the harm that people face online from hackers, law enforcement and major corporations. We’ll learn of the organization’s showdown with the Department of Homeland Security and hear of its efforts to scale up to a library near you.

To learn more about Library Freedom Project and Library Freedom Institute, visit www.libraryfreedom.org.

Music in this episode (“Dusting,” “Stilt,” “Borough” & “Hickory Interlude”) by Blue Dot Sessions – www.sessions.blue

Produced by Interference Archive.

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