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Block Printing Workshop

Saturday, November 16, 2-4pm
***RSVP required to info@interferencearchive.org (maximum 15 participants)

Block printing is an extremely accessible method of printmaking that can be done by artists of any skill level! In this workshop, we’ll
learn the basics of block printing to create a rubber stamp that can be printed on paper and fabric while discussing the role printmaking
has played in social movements throughout history.

We’ll also touch on the necessity for wage transparency and organizing in the freelance art world. Participants will leave with the skills necessary to continue making work outside of a studio setting, without the aid of a printing press. Paper and muslin fabric will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring tote bags, shirts, notebooks, scarves or anything else they’d like to print on! 

This workshop is free, but donations are appreciated. RSVP to info@interferencearchive.org.

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