Counter Narrative

May 8, 2017

Join us for a showcase of the podcasts from the Willie Mae Rock Camp 2017 Arts & Activism fellows!
Willie Mae Rock Camp’s Arts & Activism program is a free after-school and summer program that provides an exciting opportunity for teens to learn about the powerful combination of music and social justice, explore practical journalism, and develop new media & technology skills. For the final exhibition, fellows will share podcasts they created in order to examine the concept of the counter-narrative, and highlight the stories that they feel need more visibility/audibility. Podcasts also contain the fellows’ original music and are accompanied by their original visual art.
Biana Martinez is a rising senior with a passion for music, writing, and (more recently) producing audio. She loves to spend time with friends and family, and in her free time enjoys playing guitar, singing, or writing stories. She plans on pursuing a career in psychology in college. As a Dominican girl from Brooklyn who surrounds herself with a diverse group of friends, she’s become aware of many social/political injustices towards people of color and has begun to take certain steps towards getting more involved in the activist community. This year, she created a podcast that talks about transgender folk in the Latinx community, in hopes of sparking more conversation on the topic and how this issue can be addressed.
Madeline Snow is a rising high school senior. She enjoys writing and eating her vegetables. She spends most of her time playing music whether it’s guitar in her free time or recently picking up drums in her band. This inspired her to create a podcast focusing on the experiences of female drummers and their perspectives on how music spaces can be more supportive of diversity.