Antifa Discussion Series: Community Resistance to White Nationalism


Thursday, March 15, 2018

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

NEW DATE: Thursday, March 15, 7-9pm
The Antifa Discussion Series is back at Interference Archive to discuss community resistance to white nationalism. Our talk will be fueled by the current exhibition, no. NOT EVER., a multi-media, interdisciplinary, immersive installation that provides an anti-racist, anti-fascist framework for understanding the rise of white nationalism in the current moment. This video-based “living archive” depicts a wide-range of rural and suburban organizing strategies from the 1980’s and 1990’s that say “no. NOT EVER.” to white nationalism in the Pacific Northwest. Interference Archive has partnered with the Seattle-based collaborative If You Don’t They Will to host their installation of no. NOT EVER. alongside a curated selection of  material from Interference Archive’s collection.
From an intersectional lens, the Antifa Discussion Series is a meeting group that focuses on discussing the purpose, history, theory, and application of Anti-Fascist action. Each meeting centers around a theme, ranging from Antifa and Feminism, to Antifa and The Civil Rights Movement, to Antifa and Queer/Trans Activism, and much more!
We are a non-cumulative “101” course, meaning that you do not have to know much about the topic to attend. We try to promote a bottom-up approach to understanding (meaning that if you feel like you know a lot about Antifa, but want to be a part of this group, we ask that you make space for those who are trying to come into an understanding of the topic. This is meant to foster a culture of curiosity, as well as avoid any sort of antifashplaining).
Questions? Send us an email: info[at]

For those interested in reviewing materials before the discussion, below are links to materials that informed the exhibition.  We will have a chance to roam the exhibition before the discussion begins, so prior reading is not necessary!  If you have material that you think would be a great addition to the discussion, feel free to share it with us for posting here: email info[at] We encourage all forms of ephemera that allow us to understand this topic, including videos, articles, memes, essays, movies, images.
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