Back to the Commons: A Feminist Propaganda Party


Sunday, April 23, 2023

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Capitalism also relies on domestic labor graphic
Graphic by Shruti Shyam

Join us, Undocumented Women’s Fund, and Women’s Strike NYC to imagine feminist futures through media making! We’ll be screen printing and making button and zines using historical and contemporary graphics. We will explore the commons as a means to transcend austerity politics and move toward a radical transformation of everyday life.

This event seeks to continue the conversations from the recently celebrated Women’s Strike NYC Fest, “Back to the Commons” and is organized in conjunction with our current exhibit take-away archives. Together, we will create movement materials, explore strategies to create feminist spaces, and envision what a social order and built environment that centers life-sustaining systems looks like.

We will raise funds to support the Undocumented Women’s Fund‘s work with asylum-seeking women and children.

What is a propaganda party? 

It’s where we invite organizations, activists, designers, and folks like you to come together in our archive of material produced by social movements to hang out, meet each other, and create and distribute material in support of a cause. 

Why do we use the word “propaganda”? “Propaganda,” from the same root as “propagate,” refers to information that is shared in support of a cause. In modern times, the word propaganda has been weighted with negative connotations; we aim to reclaim the word. Our daily lives are saturated with supposedly “neutral” material that implicitly supports existing power structures. We use the word propaganda because we have no desire to feign neutrality.

Undocumented Women’s Fund

The Undocumented Women’s Fund (“UWF”) is an organization focused on community care and access to resources. It seeks to develop a sustainable mutual-aid network, as well as to foster autonomous and gender-conscious organizing led by immigrant and undocumented women.

Women’s Strike NYC

The Women’s Strike NYC is a coalition at the crossroads of labor, feminist and immigrant rights organizing that, since 2017, has been organizing to reclaim the radical roots of March 8th, International Working Women’s Day, and forging common ground across our manyfold struggles. 

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