Saturday, June 3, 2023

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Join us at this workshop where we will share the creative process to build a feminist fanzine from and for the womb. Based on the “Menstrual pain wisdom” zine by Anabela Musante @utera____ and María Valencia @uterodetierra · @ave.maga


  • Creative process from intimate, cyclical, political, healing experiences. Pain, discomfort, anger: emotionality and woundedness as a source of inspiration and personal journey. For an anti-correct and anti-academic writing.
  • Fanzines as free, independent, self-made, and transgressive construction. Intervention / Chronicle / Artistic denunciation with the resources and elements we have available.
  • Why is it important to circulate homemade, handmade, independent materials with a feminist perspective?

You will make your own fanzine with cuttings, drawings, or writings, from your own ways of managing menstrual, emotional, physical, or mental pain. Our intention is that this workshop will be a space to embrace what hurts us and allow ourselves vulnerability and catharsis. ♡

Facilitated by: Maria Valencia of @uterodetierra -Earthen Womb-.