Gender-expansive Families Propaganda Party


Sunday, March 24, 2024

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

What is a propaganda party? It’s where we get together to make and share graphic and informational material that we can use in our organizing work. We’re excited to provide materials at this event that you can use for the Trans Day of Visibility events, Pride events, and in your organizing year-round.

Join us on March 24 at Interference Archive to print posters, buttons, t-shirts, zines, a mural, and other ephemera. Bring your own t-shirts and totes to print on! This is a time to meet people, learn about the work different organizations are doing, and pick up flyers, stickers, posters, buttons, and more. All this material is free to you. Although it is not obligatory, we encourage you to offer a donation to support continued Propaganda Parties while you’re here or through the link below.

Who is invited? Everyone! Bring your friends if you’d like; come on your own to meet new friends. If you want to come on behalf of an organization that you work with, please feel free to bring any material that you’d like to distribute to help other people connect with your cause. Please RSVP so we have a better sense of visitor numbers to expect!

Who has this been organized with? Gender-expansive Families Propaganda Party is organized by Parents of Gender Expansive Kids (POGEK) at PS39 with Interference Archive in association with the Brooklyn Community Pride Center and Trans formative Schools.

*What is a propaganda party? It’s where we invite organizations, activists, designers, and folks to come together, hang out, meet each other, and make and distribute t-shirts, posters, buttons, and more. 

*Why do we use the word “propaganda”?

“Propaganda,” from the same root as “propagate,” refers to information that is shared in support of a cause. In modern times, the word propaganda has been weighted with negative connotations; we aim to reclaim the word. Our daily lives are saturated with supposedly “neutral” material that implicitly supports existing power structures. We use the word propaganda because we have no desire to feign neutrality.