Guerrilla Girls Broadband


Monday, November 18, 2013

7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

November 18, 2013
Guerrilla Girls Broadband is a Band of Broads of all stripes who, challenge structures of power and privilege in the Digital Age. Our projects surface in Cyberspace and online interfaces as well as real-time interventions. Employing searing wit and humor our aesthetic approach is feminist and collective. Like all good super her@s we cloak our ordinary public personas and arrive on the scene as dead women artists – masked guerrilla girls – wielding the F word (feminism) to hold our public and cyber institutions accountable to women and youth across cultures and economic backgrounds who are otherwise left on the wrong side of the Digital Divide.
Currently we concentrate our resources to MapAbortion, an online resource for tracking the legal debate and a people’s history of reproductive justice since Roe v. Wade, identifying abortion support and providers in the US, and a repository for women, providers, and activists to tell their story.
MapAbortion was informed by an earlier public poster and bus shelter project, ‘Where to get an Abortion in the City of Buffalo’ and ‘The Advantages of No Choice at All’. In keeping with our legacy of ‘Advantages…’ posters, with dark humor ‘…No Choice at All’ calls attention to morbid impact of the contradictions between the law and public opinion, and insists upon highlighting the stark realities for women of all ages across the U.S. as we claim our reproductive freedom.
Also of note is our ‘pick a dick’ poster, which allows you to rate male politicians by categories of misogyny, sexual abuse, and perversion of power. All of these posters are available for download on our website:
For our presentation at the Interference Archive, Broads “Josephine Baker”, “Minnette De Silva” and with luck a few others such as “Pearl Primus”, and “Rokeya SakhawatHussain”, will talk about the collective process and the ongoing effort to build – and build support for – the MapAbortion website. We welcome your input!