Land Use Intervention Library


Saturday, October 29, 2022

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Subversion is a pact with the future. –Edmond Jabès 

Join Interference Archive and the autonomous people of Gowanus for Land Use Intervention Library, an outdoor installation and performance about climate change, urban planning, and self-determination on Saturday, Oct 29th from 4pm-6pm. The performance will be accompanied by an improvised sound art score by the Martin Bisi Collective and questions about archives and time.

When: October 29th 4-6pm *rain date October 30th

Where: 2nd Ave and 6th street (dead end at Gowanus Canal)

last street end sign END (future) with andrea haenggi

Land Use Intervention Library will take place at a “demapped” street end that was formerly the last place on earth with access to the Gowanus canal. The street end is under construction and in the process of becoming the “Owls Head” Gowanus Combined Sewage Overflow Facility. Last year we organized a series of public encounters at the Last Street End just before municipal construction began. 

Material produced by participants and collaborators during each of the Last Street End encounters are integrated into the Land Use Intervention Library, whose boundaries and form are unstable. On Oct 29th the Library will be an installation and participatory performance with music. The Library will be filmed and will become a film. By participating in the performance, you will be incorporated into the Land Use Intervention Library. Later, maybe a year from now, the Land Use Intervention Library will be screened for a public audience after this already altered landscape is further transformed. 

Conceived by: Nora Almeida

Directed by: Lucas Kane

Performed by: Ray Achan, Nora Almeida, Christopher Bisram, Savitri D, andrea haenggi, Gerard Luna 

Musical accompaniment by: Martin Bisi, Lawry Zilmrah, Lindsay Tuttle, Bobby Bunny, Dom Cipolla

Videography by: Iki Nakagawa 

Made possible by: The Puffin Foundation