Saturday, November 17, 2018-
Sunday, November 18, 2018

1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Saturday, November 17, 1:30-5:30pm
Interference Archive and Hate-Free Zone Queens (HFZ) are excited for our second collaboration producing propaganda to spread HFZ’s message. Join us on Saturday, November 17 from 1:30-5:30pm at Interference Archive (314 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11225) to make posters, t-shirts, buttons, and more. HFZ proactively builds a strong community defense system that centers those most impacted by current discriminatory policies and actions.
What is a propaganda party? It’s where we invite organizations, activists, designers, and folks like you to come together in our archive of material produced by social movements across the globe and across history, to hang out, meet each other, and make and distribute stickers, posters, buttons, and more. At this event we’ll be collectively printing graphic material to spread the word about the work and values of HFZ — both for you to take back to your community to share, and also for HFZ to use in their current organizing.
HFZ empowers average, everyday people to love and protect each other without relying solely on elected officials to defend and protect us. HFZ uses art to engage community members in visualizing the world we want and actively participating in making our visions a reality. HFZ builds community and trust through creating and working together.
Why do we use the word “propaganda”? “Propaganda,” from the same root as “propagate,” refers to information that is shared in support of a cause. In modern times, the word propaganda has been weighted with negative connotations; we aim to reclaim the word. Our daily lives are saturated with supposedly “neutral” material that implicitly supports existing power structures. We use the word propaganda because we have no desire to feign neutrality.