Three Palestinian Shorts from the Archive


Friday, March 8, 2024

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Three Palestinian Shorts with cinemovil

cinemovil nyc and Interference Archive present 3 Palestinian short films (currently unavailable elsewhere) produced in the early 2000s by Shashat, an independent non-profit women cinema NGO in Palestine. 

Following the films, audiences will break away to explore Interference Archive’s Palestine Lives! hands-on exhibit. We will then have a horizontal discussion about the films and what we each found in the archive. 

Cut! (2012), Gaza,  6 min | Athar Al-Jadili 
Cut! depicts the sporadic circulation of limited electricity in Al-Zahra, which “israel” besieged with airstrikes on October 19, 2023… In the film, a mother lights a room with her cell phone, a local electrician is harassed for cutting power in one neighborhood to pass it on to another, and no one seems to know when and where the power will return next.  

If They Take it! (2012), West Bank, 15 min | Liali Kilani
Despite relentless and unspeakable violence and harassment by “israeli” settlers attempting to uproot them from their home near the illegal “Yitzhar” settlement, a family remains, and a mother raises her young children on the importance of standing their ground.

The Fig and the Olive (2011), Jerusalem, 19 min | Georgina Asfour
The story of a Palestinian family living in Jerusalem, as told through a cat and the everyday objects of the house they’ve kept in the family for over 73 years despite pressures to move.

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Image from Georgina Asfour’s The Fig and the Olive