Workshop: Explore the hidden culture of squatting in Europe


Sunday, September 27, 2015

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Sunday, September 27, 2-5pm
Interference Archive will be open at 12pm, for participants who want to come early and spend extra time with the archival collection.

This seminar at Interference Archive coincides with the exhibition “Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupation” at ABC No Rio (September 16 through October 5, 2015), and the publication of two books: Occupation Culture and the anthology Making Room (both available online for free PDF download).

Alan W. Moore, author and co-editor of these books, will direct this workshop, which will explore ways of representing the squatting movement. This workshop at Interference Archive is held in conjunction with sessions on September 22 at ABC No Rio (5-7pm), and September 23 at MoRUS (7-9pm).

At this culminating session at Interference Archive, we will hear from a European researcher, S.A. Engel-Di Mauro of the SqEK group, and examine relevant materials in the Interference Archive collection.

The “Making Room” exhibition picks up the thread of research on squatted spaces begun by the 2009 “House Magic” exhibition, which contributes to a collection at the Interference Archive. Since then, the SqEK group has greatly expanded knowledge of the European movements. Their most recent conference was in Barcelona in May, and features a developed website.

Numerous other events — shows and discussions — are scheduled during the run of the “Making Room” show. They are listed on this blogsite.

Pre-enrollment is strongly advised. Please contact Alan at if you wish to attend. Sessions subject to change.