Funding Sources

Interference Archive receives funding through a few main channels, which include the following:


Since we opened in mid-2011, the archive has been supported by the generosity of individuals who sign up to give $10 to $50 per month. This sustainer base is important to us; it reminds us that there is a community of people who care about this work and believe Interference Archive should exist. Interested in becoming a sustainer? Sign up now!

Project-based grants

The archive receives many project-based grants for exhibitions and related work. Past and present project-based funders have included:

  • Brooklyn Arts Council
  • Humanities NY
  • Puffin Foundation
  • Awesome Foundation
  • Citizens Committee for New York City
  • Mishler Fund
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • New York State Council on the Arts

Operational Funding

Operational support, towards the core infrastructure costs of maintaining Interference Archive, has been received from funders including: