Interference Archive is Growing! We could use your help!

May 16, 2017

We’re growing! And we could use your help!
Over the past six years, Interference Archive’s collection has grown thanks to almost 400 donations from individuals and groups who have shared what they’ve created or collected —boxes of books, bags of buttons, piles of t-shirts, and tubes of posters.

Along with this growing archive of social movement culture, we’ve been putting on more events and a wider variety of exhibitions; our calendar showed twenty events in 2012, our first full year of operations, and in 2016 we wrapped up the year with over eighty.

Our community has also grown—we have dozens of volunteers, our regular financial sustainer base has continued to increase, and the number of visitors from around the world that we meet during our open hours grows month over month. We are also hosting on average 50 educational visits a year, from middle school children to doctoral candidates. It is so exciting to interact with all of these visitors and watch them learn from and be inspired by the incredible history in our collection.

We need more room to grow! Our current 1,000 square foot space can barely contain all the amazing things we’re doing and collecting. We would like to expand to an accessible space that is 2,000–3,000 sq.ft. and includes room for a physical collection of archival materials, a bathroom, and an area that can be configured for multiple, and sometimes simultaneous, functions, including a shared work space, an educational center, a meeting room, an event venue, an exhibition space, and, if possible, a child care area. Any future space must be able to support our core identities as archivists, activists, and cultural workers. We are particularly interested in a location that would position us near like-minded organizations.

You can help us out! Do you know any available spaces for rent that would fit the budget of a community archive that is sustained by individual donors? Or, do you know any donors who could help us make this move?
Please get in touch.
Send us an email (, or drop by to say hello. We can’t wait to talk about this with you!