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Interference Archive’s Response to COVID19

March 11, 2020: In solidarity with our community and those most vulnerable, we are doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by temporarily shutting our door. All events currently scheduled are postponed—we’re hopeful to get them back on the schedule in the very near future.

We are taking this precaution because it’s been shown that slowing the progress of COVID-19 is imperative to our ability to take care of those impacted, and decreasing exposure is an effective way to do that.

We are currently talking through the best ways to practice community care while our space is closed. Today and always, we stand in solidarity against xenophobia and racism being wielded.

We stand in solidarity with the immunocompromised, people with disabilities, those without access to healthcare, and those without access to leave.

If you have questions we ask that you please reach out via our email info@interferencearchive.org

(artwork by @toosphexy via @justseeds )

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