Audio Interference 13: Mobile Print Power

“Before we ask questions, we find out more about the problems that are happening. And sometimes we even go out and ask the people around us: what is something that you don’t feel comfortable with? Where do you feel disconnected?…I think that’s the way that we actually find political issues to do art with.” – Stephanie Roman
Mobile Print Power is a multigenerational collective based out of Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens, who use silkscreen printmaking to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. Mobile Print Power’s history of collaborative work is the subject of Interference Archive’s upcoming exhibition, Soñamos Sentirnos Libres / Under Construction, opening May 1. In this episode of Audio Interference, Charlie Morgan and Lani Hanna talk to collective members Marissa Campiz, Brandon Castillo, Jennifer Muñoz, Stephanie Roman, and Patrick Rowe.
Produced by Interference Archive.