Audio Interference 24: Amplifier Foundation

“The main idea is to empower people who are observers, and provide them with tools to become participants in the political realm.” – Cleo Barnett, The Amplifier Foundation

In this week’s episode, we take a close look at activist art produced by the Amplifier Foundation. We speak with Cleo Barnett from the Foundation about their history, current projects, as well as some of her favorite activist stickers they’ve recently made. Be sure to stick around for the end of this episode, where Cleo will share with us her recipe for wheat paste, used to adhere political posters to a wall or surface.
Produced by Interference Archive.
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Below are images of the stickers Cleo mentions in the podcast.
front_hank_willis_thomas_truthisprisons_prison_amplifier Sticker_TruthIsPrisons
This image was designed by Shepard Fairey for the Amplifier Foundation: