Audio Interference 45: Teaching Self Defense

“When I first took karate, I was already an activist. And I could see right away what this could do for women in the 70s.” — Annie Ellman

In this episode, we talk to two groups that teach self-defense skills: Pop Gym ( and the Center for Anti-Violence Education ( We hear from CAE founder Annie Ellman, along with Izzy Finkelstein and Rachel Marks, and Pop Gym founder Grey Cohen.
This episode includes audio from a self-defense demo by the CAE Peer Educators at our block party in September 2017, originally broadcast live on Radio Free Gowanus (
Pop Gym will offer a free self defense workshop at Interference Archive this Tuesday, February 20.  More information here.
Music: “Dawn II” by Swelling, “Hit or Miss” by Odetta.
Produced by Interference Archive.