Audio Interference 67: Interference Archive on Radio Survivor

Audio Interference is excited to be bringing you an episode from a guest podcast, Radio Survivor. Radio Survivor is a group of individuals organized to shed light on the ongoing importance of radio. They have a weekly podcast where they interview people involved in wide-ranging and international community radio efforts.

Back in July 2019, Interference Archive volunteers Celia Easton Koehler and Elena Levi spoke with Jennifer Waits and Eric Klein of Radio Survivor about our latest exhibition at Interference Archive. It’s called Resistance Radio: The People’s Airwaves and it’s about the history of radio as a medium for grassroots movements. They spoke with Radio Survivor about the stations, communities and contexts featured in the exhibition, and the process, labor, and networks involved. Some of the seeds of our research actually came from Radio Survivor interviews!

Resistance Radio is on view at the archive through September 29. If you are in New York, come check it out during our open hours: Thursday 1-9pm or Friday through Sunday 12-5pm. You can also check out our website for events or look out for recordings from some events in the fall season of Audio Interference.

A huge thank you to Erik Klein, Jennifer Waits, and everyone from Radio Survivor for speaking with us about Resistance Radio: The People’s Airwaves.

Check out the links for more information about Radio Survivor and the original interview. You can find more information about Resistance Radio: The People’s Airwaves at

Produced by Interference Archive.