Audio Interference 69: What a DJ Really Is

In this episode we bring you excerpts from an event recorded in July of 2019. Archive volunteer Colin moderated a conversation with founding members Marnie Brady, Amanda Huron, and Athena Viscusi of radio CPR a pirate radio station in Mt. pleasant D.C. and Petri Dish, of Radio Mutiny and Prometheus Radio Project.

Speaker Bios: Marnie Brady / DJ Poinsettia launched the Neighborhood Power Hour as part of Radio CPR, Washington, DC where she converged her work in community organizing for immigrant rights, land, & housing with action research interviews & mix tapes over the airwaves. As part of Radio CPR, Marnie started a tech club to learn more about how sound travels. Now in Brooklyn, Marnie is part of the organizing committee for the national Homes for All campaign. She’s starting a job as assistant professor in politics & human rights at Marymount Manhattan in the fall.

DJ Maude Ontario (AKA Amanda Huron) is a co-founder of Radio CPR, a community radio station that broadcast from D.C.’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, 1998-2018. She currently works as an associate professor of interdisciplinary social sciences at the University of the District of Columbia, the public university serving Washington, D.C. Her research interests are in urban geography, housing justice, and D.C. history. She plays drums in the bands Puff Pieces and Weed Tree, and is a native of Washington, D.C.

PeteTridish has built studios, raised towers, drafted regulations, passed a law through congress, been the plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against media consolidation, started non-profits, and been arrested as a protester on various occasions. He has been a radio pirate, a policy advocate for community media, a carpenter, an environmental educator, a solar energy system installer, a squatter, a homeless shelter volunteer and an activist in many social movements since the age of 16.

Athena Viscusi, Radio Free Mount Pleasant DJ and member of Stand for Our Neighbors.

“we never used the term pirate radio …what we are doing is legit we are legit we are community radio station and more important we are an undocumented radio station.. that’s how we talked about it…—we are not illegal we are undocumented”