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Style.com: January 29, 2015

From “British Designer Bella Freud Reveals Her Beauty Must-Haves and the “Rare Jewel” of London”


“I recently discovered this amazing treasure trove in Brooklyn called Interference Archive—the name alone is a pretty good one to drop. It has a superb website—which made me expect a mini MoMA—but it is a couple of rooms in a tin warehouse containing protest posters, photographs, fliers, and publications from social movements: everything from anarchists in France, the revolution in Cuba, feminist punk, Black Power, and American Indian periodicals. Part of their mission statement says, ‘We consider the use of our collection to be a way of preserving and honoring histories and material culture that is often marginalized in mainstream institutions.’ You can take pictures, and it’s run by volunteers. Good to know the spirit of change is being nurtured so beautifully for ‘when the revolution comes’ (The Last Poets).”

See interferencearchive.org

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