if a song could be freedom mixtape 009 – Burning Cop Car by submedia.tv

August 22, 2015 by

Interference Archive Mixtape 009

if a song could be freedom mixtape 009 – Burning Cop Car was produced by Frank and the folks at submedia.tv.
subMedia.tv is a video production ensemble, which aims to promote anarchist and anti-capitalist ideas, and aid social struggles through the dissemination of radical films and videos. Founded in 1994, subMedia.tv has produced hundreds of videos on everything from anti-globalization protests to films about shoplifting.
subMedia.tv produces the series It’s the End of the World as we know it and I feel fine a “fowl mouthed, satirical and irreverent news show that aims to celebrate global resistance movements, radical music and anarchist rabble rousers.”

  • Facto MC – contra machismo – DF Mx
  • Rebecca Lane – Cumbia de la memoria – Guatemala
  • Mafer y majo – soy mujer y soy capaz
  • Michu MC – La función – Chile
  • Alas & Savage Fam – KKED – Turtle Island
  • Boca Floja – Siguiente Latigo
  • Conspirazion – atrevete te – Chile
  • SieteNueve – fuego – PR

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And here’s some videos of the above tracks: