if a song could be freedom mixtape 011 – Paredon Records by Erin Yanke and Alec Dunn

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if a song could be freedom mixtape 011 – Paredon Records is produced by Erin Yanke and Alec Icky Dunn. “Founded in 1969 by Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber, Paredon Records was part of a wave of cultural expression that accompanied the worldwide struggle for economic, racial, and social justice and national liberation of the mid-twentieth century.” The following is an interview Erin and Alec conducted for their article in Signal: 03.

  • Barbara Dane – I’m on My Way trey records 1960
  • Barbara Dane and Lightnin Hopkins – Hold On
  • Pablo Milanés – Y Hay Que Andar (We Have To Go On) (Paredon 001) 1970
  • Liberation Support Movement – MPLA Invulusi Paredon (Paredon 002) 1970
  • Huey P. Newton ‎– Huey Newton Speaks excerpt (Paredon 004) 1970
  • Barbara Dane – Join the GI Movement (Paredon 003) 1970
  • Anonymous – Narrative by boy (Paredon 022) 1974
  • Anonymous -Take me with you (Paredon 022) 1974
  • Estrella Artau – Algo Se Quema Alla Afuera (Paredon 032) 1975
  • The Men of No Property – Leaving Belfast town (Paredon 006) 1971
  • Covered Wagon Musicians – The People’s thank you (Paredon 015) 1972
  • Daniel Viglietti – A Desalambrar – Tear Down The Fences (Paredon 11) 1973
  • Barbara Dane – I hate the capitalist system (Paredon 014) 1973
  • Atis Indepandan – Ki Sa Pou-N Fe? (Paredon 31) 1975

Interview by Alec Dunn and Erin Yanke Dec 24, 2012. Editing by Erin Yanke August, 2015.
Alec Icky Dunn is a member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and co-editor of Signal: A Journal of Political Graphics and Culture.
Erin Yanke is a documentarian. She works in the mediums of audio, print, and video. Her work focuses on themes of the untold story, the unheard voice, how place can shape a life, comparative experience across identities, and the importance of the clean and sharp edit. Her many projects include 20+ years of radio production, audio zines, self published magazines, audio books, quite a few demo tapes, and a few pieces of vinyl.
Recent projects include the video installation of Every Now And Then You Win in the Streetopia Art Exhibit at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, an interview (with Alec Dunn) with Barbara Dane from Paradon Records in Signal: A Journal of Internatinal Political Graphics and Culture, and co-producing (with Moe Bowstern) the audio zine Xtra Tuf #6.75: Report from Uyak Bay.
She is currently the Program Director of KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR, and Roadie for
El Demasiado.