What powers Interference Archive: information workers

December 15, 2016

This post is the fifth in a series during the month of December 2016, where we are reflecting on the things — issues, movements, and ideas — that give us a reason for existing here at Interference Archive. We wanted to take this time to think about what these critical elements and movements bring to us, and what we have to give to them.
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Information workers
Interference Archive is an amazing place to be as an information worker — which we define as someone who identifies under the broad spectrum of librarians, archivists, technologists, and other folk who spend their time thinking about and working with information and the ways we access it. Many of us find Interference playing a key role in our lives because it has become an environment where we can work out the ways our professional, personal, and political values meet, and a community within which we can question and rethink professional practices (and “professionalism” itself), ultimately re-imagining how we want to interact with collections of information.
Interference Archive provides space for information workers to thoughtfully and critically discuss a huge range of issues: how to catalog and provide access to diverse material that’s contained in diverse formats, or how goals of access and preservation can support each other. And it allows us to work with communities we love, care about, are part of, or want to learn more about, supporting their work by providing a place for their history and by working with them to re-tell it.
— Jen Hoyer
From the collection
Librarian for Sharing
Badge created for staff at the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library. On loan to Interference Archive for the “Referencing Revolution” section of the current We Are What We Archive exhibition. (Download the zine from that exhibition here; print this file double-sided, flipped on the short side.)
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