Workshop: Activate the Archive: Exploring and Utilizing the IA video collection

October 20, 2014

Chiapas Media Project (submitted photo)
December 14, 1-4pm
RSVPs are necessary. Please email if you’d like to attend.
Interference Archive is home to a collection of videos that represent cross-sections of radical media production over the last 30 years.
The movies in the collection map the diversity of politics and interests of the groups and movements that produced them. Some topics in the collections are: Zapatismo, squatters movements, labor history, anarchist culture, movement documentation.
This workshop is an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the work in the collection and to open a discussion regarding the challenges and issues creating an activist video archive. Participants will curate and organize a public screening of selected works from the archive to take place at a future date.
This workshop will be facilitated by Chris Bravo, Louise Barry, Jonathan Farbowitz, and Robin Margolis.