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Workshop: the Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video


November 6, 6-9pm

RSVP necessary
please email classes@interferencearchive.org

Do you have a video collection that you want to keep usable and accessible into the future?

This workshop will present a basic overview and practical tips for activists and small organizations on how to archive and preserve their videos, and provide a forum for participants to discuss video archiving challenges and solutions.

The Activists Guide to Archiving Video will be taught by Yvonne Ng, Rachel Mattson, and Marie Lascu. Yvonne Ng co-authored The Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video published by Witness. Marie Lascu is the audiovisual archivist at Crowing Rooster Arts, a small non-profit dedicated to documenting Haitian culture and art. Rachel Mattson is a historian, archivist, and occasional giant puppet manipulator. She currently manages a CLIR-funded Hidden Collections cataloging project at La MaMa ETC.

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