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Archive: Feb 2018

Afro-Asian Storytime at Radical Playdate

Saturday April 14, 3-5pm
Join us for a special meeting of Radical Playdate: Afro-Asian Storybooks. We’ll have special guests from Callaloo: Cultural Literacy for Kids and Sari-Sari Storybooks who will read selections of Afro-Asian storybooks, as well as our regular toys, craft table, and mats. Presented by Atlantic Pacific Theatre

Recommended ages: 8 and under
Suggested donation: $5

Radical Playdates are back!

Saturday March 17, 2-4pm

Want to check out Interference Archive, but think it’s not a space for kids? Think again! We’ve got Radical Playdate. Kids can hang out and play, while you browse radical materials. All ages are welcome. We have storybooks and toys for little ones, and stencil-making and drawing for older kids. Bring a book, bring a snack, or just bring yourselves!

Empowerment Self-Defense Workshop

Sunday, April 15, 12pm – 1:30pm
with the Center for Anti-Violence Education

The basic self-defense workshop covers strategies and safety plans for dealing with different levels of violence, emotional aspects of self-defense, and concrete steps we can take to help ourselves. Students of all skill and ability levels will learn basic physical-defense techniques including strikes, blocks and kicks; ways to get out of different grabs and holds, verbal exercises, and discussions about dealing with attackers who are strangers, acquaintances or intimates.

Feminist research on violence: Building knowledge to end violence against women

Sunday April 15th, 5pm- 8pm

ALL WOMEN are invited to a workshop with the participation of Silvia Federici, and our friends from Argentina (Verónica Gago and Cecilia Palmeiro from NiUnaMenos) and Colombia (Betty Ruth Lozano from Otras negras…. ¡y feministas!) to discuss our platform to build cooperatively knowledge on violence against women internationally.

Film screening: ANTIFA

Thursday, March 29, 7pm

Since the election of Donald Trump, acts of racist violence have proliferated across the United States. Racists and misogynists feel emboldened to express and act on their views. White nationalist groups and resurgent traditional white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan have used Trumps victory to gain new recruits. All that stands in their way are the groups of anarchists, communists, and socialists who have taken it upon themselves to prevent fascism from becoming a powerful political force in the United States. This film tells the story of what “Antifa” is and why people are using these tactics to confront racism and fascism in the US today.

Infographics for Activism

Saturday, April 7th 3-6pm
A workshop with Dr. Anna Feigenbaum, Minute Works, and Dr. Gavin Grindon

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, participants will be taken through the process of brainstorming, researching, writing, visualizing, publishing and promoting infographics designed for activism and social change. After discussing strategies for how to research past graphics, explore appropriate iconography, engage in data storytelling, and subvert corporate aesthetics, we then turn the workshop over to participants, guiding them through a participatory design project.

2018 Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Join Interference volunteers and local Wikipedians in a rhizomatic campaign to improve coverage of women and the arts on Wikipedia. Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with archival materials in the Interference collection and explore intersections between art, feminism, and activism. This edit-a-thon is one of dozens of Art+Feminism events happening in an asynchronous, worldwide effort to address a Wikipedia gender gap.

AIGA Eye on Design, February 16, 2018

How New York’s Interference Archive Keeps Activist Design History Alive

Signal:06 Release Party!

Sunday, March 18th, 2018
6:30–8:30 PM

The new issue of Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics & Culture is out, and we’re throwing a release party. Come grab a drink, check out the new issue, and see presentations by 3 contributors.

Digital Activism and Antifa: Panel Discussion and Cryptoparty

March 24, 4pm – 6 pm

The resistance movement to fascism and white supremacy is diverse and creative, adapting to increasing threat and propaganda in the digital world.  This panel discussion will explore the resistance to fascism and white supremacy, followed by a Cryptoparty for a hands-on workshop to learn more about the projects discussed. Groups joining us have developed tools that challenge white supremacy with projects that identify and remove online propaganda and through skillshares to enable us to protect ourselves.  Our first hour will be a panel discussion and Q&A.  This will be followed by the Cryptoparty, where we will split into small groups to work with panelists regarding their projects.  Feel free to bring your own laptop!