Strike Then, Strike Now!


Organized by Blithe Riley & Aaron Gemmill
May 3- July 31, 2013
Opening Reception: May 3rd
I’m stickin to the Union! Shut It Down! “F*** Work! Si Se Puede! For as long as there has been work, workers have been withdrawing their labor in protest. Interference Archive is excited to present Strike Now, Strike Then!, an exhibition and programing series exploring the use, power, and viability of this tactic, and how it has shifted over time. Over the next three months, we will look at how work has been imagined and represented, how workers have both self-organized and been led, how economic conditions have shifted worker identities, and how “the boss” has been targeted, imagined, ridiculed, and transformed.
For the exhibition we have assembled posters, pamphlets, books, images, jokes, memes, and other labor-related ephemera from Interference Archive and beyond. We will be activating these materials through a series of events including film screenings, reading and discussion groups, history sessions, a poster critique, storytelling nights with striking workers, and more!
Event Details:
Thursday May 9, 7pm: Strike Stories with Harrison Magee
Thursday May 16, 7pm: Film Screening: Wildcat at Meade
Sunday May 19, 11am: Sunday Morning Reading Group: God’s Bits of Wood
Cancelled: Strike Stories with Amy Mouldoon
Saturday June 1, 2-4pm: Let’s Have a Party: Kid’s Day at Interference Archive
Wednesday June 12, 7pm: Critique of Justseeds Labor Posters
Thursday June 20, 7:30pm Film Screening: Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Exhibition Dates

May 3, 2013

July 31, 2013