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Interference Archive is a social space, exhibition venue, and open stacks archive of movement culture, based in Brooklyn. Audio Interference is a podcast dedicated to the activists, artists, and organizers of the past and present whose histories and movements make up the archive. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic and other platforms.

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Audio Interference 83: Sister Serpents and Generative Archiving

In this episode, volunteer Jen Hoyer explains how the archive is using donated materials to create an online presence for noteworthy, but digitally absent groups like Sister Serpents. But generating new materials and new discussions is not without a few risks. Stay tuned to find out more. To learn more about Sister Serpents, check out […]

Audio Interference 82: Dane Michael on Zines & Mutual Aid

In this episode, we speak with Interference Archive volunteer Dane Michael about his favorite zines in the archive’s collection as well as his interest in collecting radical print materials and mutual aid ephemera, which he regularly donates to the archive. In particular, Dane shares experiences traveling to social centers and radical spaces in Madrid, Barcelona, […]

Audio Interference 81: Asylum Seekers Fighting Back Against Workplace Exploitation In Montréal

In this segment we hear about the struggles for workplace justice for non-status people and asylum seekers in Montréal. The segment revolves around an ongoing campaign on the part of the Immigrant Workers Centre to support the workers at the warehouse distribution centre for Dollarama, one of the largest dollar shop corporations in North America. Many of the workers […]

Audio Interference 80: Soulscapes

In this episode, we speak to Zeelie Brown, a Black, queer artist and cellist based in New York City. She creates “soulscapes”: sites and soundscapes that invoke the temporality, sacredness of connection, and layers of history embedded within feelings of refuge. Zeelie’s sanctuary spaces draw on her personal and ancestral traditions of music, cuisine, scent, […]

Audio Interference 79: Handbooks

Volunteer Coordinator Sophie Glidden-Lyon explains why handbooks are among her favorite items at Interference Archive.

Audio Interference 78: Oral History of UHAB

“The city had so many buildings, it had no ability to manage them themselves, no ability to even outsource the management…if you were alive and breathing and raised your hand, you could have a building in the city of New York.” — Charles Laven

Audio Interference 77.6: Archiving Abolition—A Quarter of a Century

In this episode, we hear “A Quarter of a Century,” a song by Ivie, a comrade on the inside whose story is uplifted by Survived and Punished. It references her campaign to free herself from a 25 to life sentence and was recorded over the phone from Bedford Hills prison, a maximum security correctional facility in Bedford Hills, NY. In the middle of the song, you’ll hear an accompanying rap by another comrade, Sassi, who is also incarcerated at Bedford Hills. The episode stems from a collaboration with Survived and Punished New York.

Audio Interference 77.5: Archiving Abolition—Alisha Walker

In this episode of Audio Interference, we’re sharing reflections from Alisha Walker, a survivor on the inside. The episode stems from a collaboration with Survived and Punished New York, a grassroots, abolitionist group that works to eradicate the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and the culture of violence that contributes to it.

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